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Growing up in Houston, cowboy boots were part of our culture and as the Founders of RTIC Outdoors we began to naturally question why the prices by the luxury boot brands were so expensive. Thus, we started with the goal to provide fine handcrafted boots made from the highest quality materials we could find, delivered straight to you at about half the price of traditional retail.

After a year-long search for the most renowned bootmakers in the world, we found ourselves in Leon, Mexico, where we began a close relationship with the factory that expertly crafts each pair of Cuero boots. Leon has long been the epicenter of fine bootmakers.

Sophisticated craftsmanship and an eye for beautiful and timeless designs and the unrelenting pursuit for high-quality materials make Leon the greatest boot producing region in the world.

Cuero means leather in Spanish and ".com" stands for ecommerce and by combining centuries of artisan tradition paired with a new way to buy; we have built to be the modern-day bootmaker by cutting out the middleman and eliminating the excessive retail mark up and pass the savings to the customer.

There are over 220 steps involved in making a pair of CUERO boots, performed by more than 550 master bootmakers. We are relentless about craftsmanship and have spent considerable time refining the process. Every pair reflects the dedication we have towards our craft and our customers.

Jim & John Jacobsen, Founders