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| 06/17/2021


Got a pair of Eastwoods vintage tobacco not only fit right feel right but look really great !
| 03/31/2021

The Eastwood Calf Vintage Tobacco

I am 78 years old wore boots since 6 yrs old, these are the most comfortable work/everyday boots I’ve ever owned.
| 03/27/2021

Awesome boots!

Ordered these and was very impressed. Quick delivery, great boots. Break in really easily, are extremely comfortable and look awesome!
| 03/24/2021

Two thumbs up!

I was lucky enough to win a pair of cuero boots from their monthly give away. I reached out to ask about sizing and customer service was great. These boots run very true to size, they fit just like all of my sneakers. I have to say these Eastwood boots are some of the most comfortable boots I have owned. Two thumbs up here!
| 03/16/2021

Best money spent..

Best money spent, I have 3 pair!
| 03/10/2021

Absolutely incredible

These are the first pair of boots I've bought, so I sniffed around a little and found these bad boys. They had good reviews, so after looking through some of them I decided to get me a pair. With it again being my first pair, I was nervous about sizing of course, since they're being bought online and you can't try them on. However, when I bought them in what my normal tennis-shoe size would be (in this case 10D) they fit perfectly. I didn't need to size up or down. Plus they look awesome, so I'd say this is a very good choice. And we can't forget the lighting fast shipping and delivery either, that was shocking as well.
| 02/23/2021


It is a great website
| 02/21/2021

Love These Boots

These boots are my favorite pair that I’ve owned in a long time. Customer service wasn’t needed because I received exactly what I ordered the first time. I think any negative reviews that people are putting up here must be from a brand that begins with T and ends with S. I’ll definitely get another pair of Cueros.
| 01/27/2021

Great Boots at a Good Price. what more can you ask for?

I am 73 years old and have been wearing boots since I was 16, and have had numerous pairs. The CUERO boot is one of the best that I have ever had. The first pair were a little tight (which can be expected). I called CUERO and they sent a mailing address slip which also had a Free shipping label. I received the next pair in about a week, packed up the first pair, put the labels on the box, and took to Walgreens for SHIPPING. Kenneth R. Grimm
| 01/08/2021

False coloring

Very nice dress boot but don’t get the brown/red color unless you’re expecting a boot as red as Clifford. I keep them cause I needed them for an event but the picture is false advertising
| 01/02/2021
| 12/31/2020

Great Boots, Amazing price

This is the first pair of boots I have bought in years, that weren’t Lucchese boots. Fit just as well, well made and the packaging is top notch. I really like the design and the tobacco color is different than any other color of boot I own. I will not admit to how many pair of boots I own (& barely ever wear) but these boots have me wearing boots again! Will buy another pair!
| 12/27/2020

Eastwood says it all

The vintage tobacco in the Eastwood is rugged, tough, classy, and is perfect wether your on a date or outdoors working. I own many boots and hands down the best looking ,comfortable, and durable boot I have. Will likely buy another pair just to have.
| 12/26/2020

Awesome boots

I just received a pair of the Eastwood in Sahara Yellow. They fit great straight out of the box, and they look fantastic !! Thanks for producing a great Boot !!
| 12/14/2020

First pair and won’t be my last!

Third times the charm! With this being my first pair of boots I wasn’t sure how to size. So the week before thanksgiving I bought a pair of the square boots in cherry and they seemed not to go with anything I wore so I returned the boots and ordered a new pair of Eastwood’s and I noticed they had a Black Friday deal with 10% off and when I received the boots in D width I noticed they were alittle snug on the sides of my feet. The rep that I had talked to via phone and via Facebook were helpful to tell me to try the EE width seeing the Eastwood’s tend to run narrow and when I receive the 3rd pair they were just right! 5 stars for customer service and 5 stars for product!
| 12/07/2020


| 12/07/2020

Perfect Boots!

Received my pair of Eastwoods in Expresso yesterday and just WOW! Great transaction, lightning shipping speed. The quality of these boots is SUPERIOR! Wore them all day yesterday and today. Break-in is going very well, boot fits true to size as I am a size 10, with the 10D being great!
| 11/23/2020

Great looking boot

I had purchase two pairs last year at the great sale price, but Eastwood was sold out. But I just recieved my Eastwood in Tobacco , looks and fits great and even at $179 is still a great price. I will sure buy more in the future.
| 07/14/2020

Great boot

Own two pair of the Eastwood and they fit great very comfortable boot can't wait for the new stock to arrive.
| 05/29/2020

Great boot

Very comfortable boot and spot on sizing. Wore right out of box with all day comfort. Will certainly be buying another pair.
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